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A journal of my Peace Corps service in the Republic of Georgia, 2006-2008.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Hello everyone,

Someone pointed out that I have the medieval Georgian alphabet posted as a picture in my blog. Yes, "Anynomous," you are correct. Thanks for pointing it out. In my defense, most of the letters are the same...just a few extra at the end. But for the sake of accuracy, you can find the modern Georgian alphabet here. For other readers out there, if the format of the blog looks strange to you, please let me know. For some reason it looks like the side links are dropping to the bottom of the page.

In other news, the World Cup final was last night, and my host brother lost 5 lari on a bet. I'm kind of glad its over because for the past week, it seems to be all they talked about. This weekend some of the other Peace Corps Trainees came to visit us in Khashuri. We showed them a good, supra, and a visit to Surami Castle. I'll post pictures soon.

Take care everyone,



  • At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Susan Clark said…

    Hi Cuttino, Gary and are both enjoying your blogs. The pictures are great too. Was that a green pizza they made for you? We finally have Jessica's phone number but haven't gotten through yet. Hope things are going well with your language training. Susan


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