Cuttino's Georgian Life

A journal of my Peace Corps service in the Republic of Georgia, 2006-2008.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fun with Parasites

Hello everyone, I experienced a great Peace Corps right of passage yesterday when the doctor told me that I had a stomach parasite. These are the times that you know that you're really, really far away from home. Don't worry, Mom, the lifespan of the little guy was quite short...I didn't even get a chance to name him. Doctor Marina sent my host mother out to the drug store for some Cipro (for the record, the same stuff they stockpile in case of an anthrax attack). No prescription neccessary--any drug, no matter how powerful, is available over-the-counter. Georgia is a country of self-medicators. So, about 24 hours later and after many jokes at my expense, I'm feeling better.

In other news, tomorrow decides my fate--we will recieve our permanent site assignments. Here's hoping for a nice seaside placement in Batumi! I'll post with the results as soon as I can.

Take care, and stay away from scary Georgian sausages,


PS--Patrick and Devin: Thanks for checking in, sounds like you guys have a step up from Greene Street...I listened to "Life on Mars" in honor of you all.


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