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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bad news and good photos

Hello everyone,

First off, I don't know how much coverage its getting in the US, but the Georgian government claimed that South Ossetian rebels fired a rocket at a helicopter carrying President Saakashvili and a contingent of US Senators including John McCain and Richard Burr. The FBI and the US Embassy has determined that the rocket was fired at a different helicopter, but in the same weekend a helicopter carrying the Georgian Defense Minister was fired at over the conflict zone and was forced to make an emergency landing here in Gori. The Peace Corps has determined that there's nothing to worry about at this time, so life goes on as normal. Never a dull moment in Georgia! Click here for an article about the Senators' visit; here and here for articles about the helicopter incidents.

I feel like I always start off these posts with disturbing news from Georgia! Our in our day-to-day lives we never notice the problems in the disputed territories...and, of course, they are off limits for us to visit.

So, on to more interesting things. I wanted to share pictures from work. Today I visited the kids in their classroom and also went to Biliki's second location in the marketplace. Here are a couple of pictures, the rest are posted here on Flickr:

Rati, Shalva, and Jemali at Biliki Center playing a board game.

Giga, Aleka, and Giorgi at the "Shalva" Day Center at the Gori market place.

Some plaster figures that the children at "Shalva" made.


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