Cuttino's Georgian Life

A journal of my Peace Corps service in the Republic of Georgia, 2006-2008.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween: Part II

To celebrate Halloween here at Biliki, we carved pumpkins and talked about "trick-or-treating." The kids were really excited (and a quite a handful). Many of them have never carved a pumpkin before. Alas, here in Georgia, October 31 is just another day. Apparently safety rules in Georgia are a little more relaxed and the teachers didn't seem to mind the kids were playing around with sharp knives. Fortunately nobody cut off anything and we now have two jack-o-lanterns. Some pictures:

Cleaning out the pumpkin. I've never seen a green pumpkin before.

One down!

Finished product--named "Bombora" and "Casandara."


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