Cuttino's Georgian Life

A journal of my Peace Corps service in the Republic of Georgia, 2006-2008.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Birthday, Uncle Joe!

December 20 brought an unexpected treat--Stalin's birthday! Die-hard communists and nostalgic pensioners gathered in Gori to mark the occasion of the birth of the vozhd'. I was unaware of the holiday until noon. I was walking through the center of town and noticed a large gathering around the Stalin statue. Red flags, portraits of Stalin, and old Soviet music--what a day to not have my camera! I ran and got my sitemate Mark (fortunately he had his camera); we went back out to the square and snapped a few pictures. After the rally at the statue, the crowd marched down Stalin Avenue to the museum and birthplace. Next year I'll be more prepared, but here are a few pictures:

The rally at the Stalin statue. Notice the portrait of Stalin being held above the crowd.

The march down Stalin Avenue.


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