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Saturday, March 03, 2007

PCV Cribs

As I mentioned before, I've moved into my own place. Its the moment every volunteer here looks forward to...the ability to control your life! Now that I've gotten settled in, I decided to post a few pictures so that you can see what my apartment looks like.

We'll start with the living room:

The metal box on the right is the gas heater--the Karma--perhaps the greatest invention known to man. This is what my living room looked like on the morning after my housewarming party:

A view from the living room window:

There's not much to my bedroom...the only furniture I have is bed and a wardrobe. The Georgian beds leave much to be desired--there are springs and not much else. I felt like I was sleeping on a chainlink fence until I discovered a second feather mattress in storage. This is me recovering from my housewarming party:

Here's my bathroom:

The plumbing and appliances are all from the Khruschev era. The water pump in the basement of the building is electric and is only activated when I flip a switch. Of course, the downside to this design is that whenever the pump is frozen or the electricity is off, I can't get water. So, to counter this, I must keep the bathtub full at all times. Its a brilliant system, really.

The house came with a spinner, which is used for laundry. Its about the size of a trash can and spins the clothes clean. I still have to wring out the clothes and dry them on a line, but the machine makes things a little easier. In case you were wondering: For that magic brightness, I wash my clothes with Barf...

Here's my kitchen. I lucked out when the previous tenants left a lot of their old utensils and appliances behind. It really gives the place a retro-Soviet feel.

Of course, no Cribs tour would be complete without a peak inside the fridge:

So that is my place, and all for only $70 a month. Housewarming gifts accepted, guest are welcome too!


  • At 1:54 PM, Blogger Michael said…

    you've got a damn palace mate, send some of that furniture over here

    not that my town doesn't sell it, but EU inflation=outta control, brother.

    black sea this summer? my coast or yours?


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